Friday, June 14, 2013

Block Paltalk Ads

If you use the Paltalk on Windows, you'll find the ads shown in the free version can be quite annoying. They also pose a risk of exposing your PC to potentially malicious malware programs distributed through questionable ad serving networks.

I have listed 4 easy steps for blocking most ads (not all) shown by the Paltalk program, which will help avoid problems when chatting. Please note these instructions are for the Windows version of Paltalk and not the express Flash version.

  1. If you're unsure about making changes to your PC, then don't follow these instructions. I'm not responsible if you break your PC.
  2. I don't guarantee immunity against malware infections.
  3. I don't guarantee all ads will be blocked. Paltalk frequently makes program changes with no notice, so it's impossible to block all their ads.
  4. Most premium room banners can't be blocked using the hosts file. They are assigned by chatroom owners and can be pointed to any website. However, I have manually added a few nasty ones. You will know the premium rooms by the gold crown icon in the chatroom list.
  5. This won't disable the Paltalk Today popup shown after login.
  6. This doesn't work for the video overlay (i.e the interstitial) when entering the chatroom. 

1. Open the Notepad editor

For Vista and higher, type "Notepad" in the Start menu. When you see Notepad on the list, right click it and select "Run as administrator". This will run Notepad using elevated privileges to allow you to edit your system's hosts file.

For XP, type "Notepad" in the "Run..." option under the Start menu.

2. Open the Hosts file

Open your hosts file name using this file name.


3. Add host names to block

Add the following entries at the bottom of the file. If there are other entries, leave them as they are.

This list was was updated on: June 25, 2014. is a special address identifying your machine so using it will redirect ad requests to your local machine. The effect is those ad requests will be blocked.

4. Refresh the hosts file

Save the hosts file. Now make sure you fully exit the Paltalk program. Don't just log out. Run the following command by simultaneously pressing the Windows key and the letter r.

ipconfig /flushdns

This will clear out cached website domain name lookups.

If you got a warning while saving the file and you're running Vista/Win7/Win8, then you need to be sure you selected "Run as administrator" and redo the steps.


I occasionally find new entries and will update the list when I find them so return here occasionally to refresh your list.

You will still see default ads for upgrading Paltalk and purchasing Paltalk gifts. The default ads on the chatroom window can be blocked but the ones on the Paltalk Today and Rooms List windows cannot (if using the hosts file method).

There is a video overlay ad (interstitial) that shows every other room join. It shows a 5 second countdown for when you can skip the ad.

This no longer works. Paltalk made an advertising change. It can be blocked but it's better not to because blocking it forces you to wait the full 30 second timeout. If you still want to block the 30 second video ad, then add this entry to the hosts file.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Paltalk Hidden Emoticons

Here is a list of hidden emoticons. Type them in exactly as shown.


Type everything between and including the parenthesis.

(@aim) Displays AIM.
(@aol) Same as (@aol)
(@away) Displays away.
(@dnd) Displays do not disturb.
(@paltalk) Same as (@online)

Naughty: these only work in Adult rooms

Type everything in between and including the colons.

:gimp: Displays a gimp mask.
:crack: Displays a whip.
:whip: Same as :crack:
:slimline: Displays a slimline vibrator.
:fu: Displays a middle finger.
:shit: Displays a pile of poo.
:turd: Same as :shit:

Naughty Signage: these only work in Adult rooms


Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Paltalk Video and Audio Chat

If you are an ex Yahoo! Chat user who likes video and audio chat, then you should check out Paltalk. You'll be happy to find the interface is very similar to Yahoo! Chat. You'll be pleased to find both video and audio are much higher quality.

It's free to use however there are some caveats. Those are the ads and not being able to view public webcams for more than 10 seconds unless you purchase the paid version. That sucks, but there is an easy way to block ads, which I will describe in my next post.

On the plus side, there is no restriction for uploading your own cam to the public room and you can view private cams for unlimited time. (Those are inside a private message window.) 

If you're a Windows user you can download the Paltalk Windows program. If you're a Mac user, you can use the Flash based Paltalk express chat.